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Our desktop deposit system links up with your QuickBooks©, SAGE© and other top accounting software to help balance your books.

  • Process 100 checks PER MINUTE
  • Deposit Checks into Multiple Accounts
  • Deposit Checks from Multiple Locations
  • Online, Real-time reports for easy Bank Reconciliations
  • Automatically Match each check you scan to the invoice it's paying
  • Using a "memory" function for faster identification of customers you've done business with in the past
  • Check for errors and duplicate entries automatically every time you make a deposit
  • Resubmit NSF checks Automatically
  • Dynamic Report Generator - Choose ANY / ALL Data for ANY DATE RANGE. Save as a template or view one-time and even share with staff members online.
  • Works with QuickBooks© software 2007 and newer. (Not online version)

Eliminate driving to the bank.
Eliminate paper checks.
Eliminate check deposit slips.
Eliminate paperwork.
Eliminate out-of-state checks.
Eliminate photocopying checks
Reduce Bookkeeping & Accounting Time and Expenses

Remember, we offer several products that work with our Electronic Check Processing system. Whether you handle dozens of checks a day or hundreds, we've got the right equipment for you.

We also provide ACH, EFT and Credit Card Processing... all integrated in QuickBooks©

Electronic Check Pricing
CHECK Services Fees
Transaction Fee 28 cents
Monthly fee $29
Application Fee $60
Time to funding 2-3 business days

Ask about our special: CHECK by Phone & Check by FAX for Mail Order & Telephone Orders!

With our Electronic Check Processing Software, you can make your check deposits in QuickBooks, from the convenience of your store or office, through the Internet using your PC!

How it works:

Deposit all types of U.S. dollar checks drawn on any bank in the country including personal checks, business checks, government checks and warrants, money orders and traveler's checks over the Internet.

The use of electronic check conversion - also known as Check 21, Accounts Receivable Entry (ARC), Point of Purchase (POP), or Back Office Conversion (BOC) in banking terms - is among the fastest growing types of ACH applications due to its enormous benefits. Using our proprietary Internet-based "Back office conversion" "Remote Deposit Capture" software and check scanning reader, you can scan conventional paper checks and transform them into an electronic check deposit. The software also stores the check data and check images in a database for future research and retrieval, re-submission of NSF checks and more.

You accept many checks each month from customers. Currently, you would have to look up each customer account, apply the payment to the account, stamp the check for deposit, create a deposit slip, drive to the bank, stand in a long line and make the deposit. On top of this, your bank will typically charge an "item deposit fee" for every check you deposit. Too time consuming and too expensive!

Why would you want to convert a paper check into an electronic transaction?

By converting that paper check into an electronic transaction, things are much simpler, faster, and more economical: First, you scan the customer's check. The customer account information is automatically displayed for existing customers, linking the payment to that customer. Then just enter the amount of the check into the software. You repeat this for every check you receive.

Your deposit is now complete! What could be easier?      Apply Now for Electronic Check Processing